Have you ever noticed how many stupid people are around you?

Chances are, you’ve been confronted with a mind-blowing stupid comment or action before. Even though the stupidity of said person has caused you a splitting headache, lashing out is not an option because
a) (deserved or not) you can’t just bitch-slap people on a daily basis and
b) well, they are in the majority.

To save you some pain and guarding myself better for future encounters, here’s a revised survival guide for the remaining intelligent population on this planet based on the The Fundamental Laws of Human Stupidity by the late Carlo M. Cipolla.

1. DO NOT underestimate the number of stupid subjects in your area!

You might find yourself in a large social setting thinking (contrary to fact) that not everyone here can be stupid. Wrong. Yes, they can and in most cases they are!

You see, stupid people like to hang out in groups. Being around like-minded imbeciles fuel their sense of self-worth.

Warning signs to look out for: The increase of bragging BS,  the accumulation of crappy jokes, content grunting etc. AND whoever said ‘There are no stupid questions’ needs to be locked into a cabin with some people I’ve had the displeasure to meet.

2. DO NOT assume because someone is X, therefore they cannot be stupid!

Yes, good-looking people have it easier to get what they want through their appearance, therefore – unlike others – they can allow themselves to neglect exercising their brains.  Before you make a quick judgment, factor in how many people are damaged through their past, so there’s a good chance that he/she grew up with a point to prove and with that,  might be a lot smarter than you are.
This insight also applies to the opposite end. The bloke/chick with glasses as thick as an ashtray might not be the Einstein you were looking for.

To sum it up: Stupidity comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just because someone is a professor, doctor, lawyer or president still doesn’t mean that he or she is prone to stupidity.  It’s one  rare case of true equality in this world.

3. A stupid person is someone who causes other people a loss
a) without gaining anything themselves
b) causing harm to themselves due to that action

‘No way, if he/she did that, he/she would lose everything! ‘ Don’t base your decision on this. You cannot rationalize stupidity which makes it so hard to defend yourself when faced with stupid opponents. Stupid people vehemently cling to their beliefs, destroying not only other people’s lives but also everything they’ve ever had. There is just no logical explanation why stupid people do what they do. You on the other hand jeopardize your safety, happiness, money, time, energy, health and other resources for nothing through engaging with them. It’s just a matter of time till you get dragged down as well. So always be cautious and cut your losses. No one wins here.

4. DO NOT underestimate the amount of damage a stupid individual can cause!

When you know you’re superior in intelligence, you might be tempted to use a subject inferior to your intellect for your cause. Go back to rule No. 3 and figure out why you should abort that plan while you still can.

This leads to the most important insight of today:

5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person!

This is pretty much the gist of the survival guide. If you’re one of the rare intelligent people out there, please do not sacrifice yourself by trying to change said subject. You cannot reason with someone who chooses to fuck him-/herself over. Go out of your way to avoid this sort of person because there is really just no win there!