Remember the days when we were told to stay unbiased, not to take sides coz that’s the right thing to do? It makes you appear smart and professional. Think of Newspapers/Newscasts vs. Gossip sites. But can it ever be really unbiased if human beings are involved?

Unbiased News = Accumulation of Opinions

Imagine you’re the reporter who gets a piece of information, verified by a source (or not, if sensationalism & Gossip rules at his/her work place) to write an article or do a news report. In your head you assimilate the information. Depending on what experiences you went through in your life, you’ve formed a conclusion what that information means to you. The more in control you are of your own emotions the more you can veil it in factual sounding words. Still, your bias seeps through because you’ll incline to whatever serves your purpose. On top of that, your source went through the same process. So from the original source where those things happened until it gets to you, it’s more like playing the Telephone game.

Psychological Explanation

The Fight or Flight response:

In prehistoric times when the fight or flight response evolved, fight was manifested in aggressive, combative behavior and flight was manifested by fleeing potentially threatening situations, such as being confronted by a predator. In current times, these responses persist, but fight and flight responses have assumed a wider range of behaviors. For example, the fight response may be manifested in angry, argumentative behavior, and the flight response may be manifested through social withdrawal, substance abuse, and even television viewing. (Friedman & Silver 2007)

Males and females tend to deal with stressful situations differently. Males are more likely to respond to an emergency situation with aggression (fight), while females are more likely to flee (flight), turn to others for help, or attempt to defuse the situation – ‘tend and befriend’. During stressful times, a mother is especially likely to show protective responses toward her offspring and affiliate with others for shared social responses to threat. (Taylor et al., 2000)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Therefore you do what you can to ensure your best chances of survival. Education, intelligence and patience only serve as layers to your core truth.

So when we blog, comment on pages or forums, state our opinions publicly it’s self-serving even when it feels like doing something for a greater purpose. That’s why we often can’t help but fight for what we believe in. The more we feel our core truths to be threatened, the more emotional our reaction is.

You can change the world – indirectly

So is all the time spent on getting your opinion across worth it since everyone is just there dishing out their truths anyways? Yes, because if you truly believe in something, opinions of trolls aren’t the ones you’ll change. It is offering another perspective to a broader public who was only exposed to the troll’s opinion. Now you gave that person another perspective he/she can base his/her beliefs on. Changing the world is not via forcing your opinion on others but to set an example and let them choose for themselves and making that choice possible.

Spread Your WisdomSource: Confucius